Lords of Summer

by Kayla Wren

They tortured me all year at college.
Now I’m working the summer as their maid.

Eli, Jasper, Maddox and Nate. The Birchwood boys.

They’re the most popular group on campus: everyone’s dying to be in their orbit.

Everyone except me, that is. I’m dying to get away.

The Birchwood boys made my life a living hell. They cost me my dorm, my friends, my internship. This summer job was supposed to be an escape, a chance to finally breathe again.

But when I get there, he’s waiting. With a vicious smirk and one hell of a bet.

Eli makes me an offer I can’t refuse: forty thousand dollars if I can last the whole summer.

They’ve taken so much from me already. You know what?

I’m in a gambling mood.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: New Adult & College Romance