Locked in Love

by Jami Albright

For the love of God, why didn’t I swipe left?

If I had, then I wouldn’t be trying to gracefully flee my disastrous online date’s apartment. Simple, clueless, but oh, so pretty, with his unhealthy snacks and lack of basic hygiene, this guy was nearly the second biggest mistake of my life.

Just as I make my escape, the first responders descend. There’s been a chemical spill in the area, and the whole building is under quarantine. The same building where Rory, my ex and current biggest mistake of my life resides. That’s a plot twist I didn’t see coming.

Now my choices are to live in the building’s lobby, return to disaster date, or stay with my ex until this whole nightmare is over.

My ex wins because there’s no way that backstabber will tempt me again. Unless I learn he’s not a backstabber at all.

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Category: Romantic Comedy