Lithium Waves

by Carmel Rhodes

*Can one night of sin turn into a lifetime of happiness?*

If you asked Ryder ten years ago if he considered himself lucky, he would have laughed in your face. When you grew up where he grew up, with the father he had, there was no such thing as luck. There was only life, death, and music. But there he was, standing between the legs of the sexiest woman he ever laid eyes on, after performing on stage with his two best friends, negotiating the terms of a threesome.
Yeah, he was a lucky bastard.

James Manning was a mess. Well, technically, she was a reformed mess. After karma gut punched her last fall, she promised the Universe, God, Buddha, and anyone else listening that she would change.
Jamie traded in late nights for early mornings, binge drinking for compulsive baking, and casual sex for positive affirmations. She was a new person, and bored out of her mind. Lithium Springs front man, Ryder, was just the sort of distraction Jamie craved.

Lithium Waves: Book One in the Lithium Springs Series. A complete standalone novel.

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Category: Contemporary Romance