Lawfully His

by Natalie Middleton

Melissa Campbell risked everything when she packed up and moved to Longview, Texas to Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Melissa’s confidence was battered, even though she was still recovering from leaving an abusive ex. Some wounds just did not heal.

Erik Flynn was a bestselling author. Not him, actually, his pen name, Pat Harrington was. After churning out dozens of mysteries that won acclaim, Erik stared at blank pages every day. But when he sees a brave police officer standing up to a drug addict, something changes for him.

When a shaky friendship ensues, Erik finds peace he has not known before. Writing seems to flow faster, and Erik is in awe of the woman he is slowly falling in love with. But when her past collides with her present, it takes all her strength to hold on. When possibly the biggest case of her career lands in her lap, she needs to find a strength she does not have to lead Jimmy.

Can Melissa finally find her peace among her challenges? With Erik’s help, can she truly set her past free?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance