Law #1: Never Bet on Love

by Agnes Canestri

A grumpy billionaire. A poor salsa dancer. And an unlikely bet that might just mean losing their hearts…

Everyone knows I’m the next logical choice for CEO when my mother steps down. What everyone seems to doubt, however, is my ability to have a life outside of work that includes a loving relationship. So when my brother bets that I can’t connect deeply enough with a woman to win her heart—and my mother makes winning that bet a condition of my promotion—I accept the challenge. Too bad I never considered what would happen if I was the one to fall in love when all is said and done…

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Law #2: Don’t Play with a Player

by Agnes Canestri

A handsome CEO playboy. A sweet, nerdy bookworm. They’re polar opposites. They want completely different things from life. But what if all they really need in order to be happy is each other?

CEO Devon Griffin has a reputation—and it’s not good. I’ve heard all the rumors about him. And if I hadn’t been desperate for a job, I wouldn’t have accepted his offer. But my pile of debt and lack of other prospects left me with little choice. So, I’ll be the best employee he’s ever had. What I will not do is develop a soft spot for my new boss—no matter how devastatingly handsome and charming he is…

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