Land Without Shame, A Cody Musket Jr. Thriller

by James Nathaniel Miller II

A stand-alone story in the Cody Musket series. Diamond is an Oscar-winning film star. Cody is a young SEAL trainee caught between his desire for revenge and a higher calling.
Diamond and Cody, two strangers, must fight back when their commuter flight is hijacked and crashes near an uncharted Caribbean island. An award-winning love story, and a true thriller.

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Category: Inspirational Romance

Black Pearl

by James Nathaniel Miller II

The continued story of Diamond and Cody. In the year 2041, radical socialists attempt to take over America. Their latest technology goes way too far. Armed forces are baffled. The Musket family, with no political allegiance or bureaucratic entanglements, must work from cover to stop them. What matters most is how you meet the moment when history hangs in the balance.

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