Laena’s Elite

by Quinn Fisher

Laena has lived all her life constantly on the move, never staying too long in one place. Her father raised her out in the wild expanse, where she learned to survive and to protect herself from Eidolon threats. Then came the one day she forced out of hiding… The day Vance, Rennick, and Reese found a lone unregistered female in the wild expanse.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Drayna’s Warriors

by Quinn Fisher

Drayna Rennick fights her destiny to follow in her mother’s footsteps and take her place among the Elite. Instead, she carves out her own path in an attempt to wrest control of her own life before the Law requires her to give up her unencumbered life. With Eidolon-creatures running rampant outside city walls and the rumors of Eidolon-gifted numbers on the rise, Drayna finds her place comfortably as a cog in the military.

Until Drayna’s past with three men collides with her present, and the result could send shockwaves through the foundations upon which the Elite was built.

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