Kneading You: A Small Town Romance (Sunrise Valley Book 1)

by Simone Belarose

Claire Walker is a maelstrom of emotion when she runs into Thomas Weller, her ex-best-friend who’s turned into a Greek god of brooding muscle and chiseled features. Her body seems ready to forgive his betrayal, even if she isn’t.

All Thomas wants is to be left alone to save his failing bakery in his sleepy little hometown of Sunrise Valley. But when Claire comes back to town feelings he thought dead and buried return to life and he can’t stay away. She broke his heart, but he’s willing to give love a second chance.

When Claire’s father bequeaths the failing business to both of them, it’s the surprise of a lifetime, and an irresistible puzzle Claire can’t help tinkering with. But she can’t keep her eyes off the man she’s supposed to loathe. Thomas is convinced that keeping Claire in town is his happily ever after, and he’ll do anything to make her stay. Even if he has to play dirty.

Claire has saved multi-billion-dollar companies from doom, but can she stop herself from falling for Thomas?

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Category: Romantic Comedy