Kiss of the Goddess

by Tessa Cole

“Annie Chambers hates snow, her job sucks, and getting laid? Ha! In her dreams. When she slips on a patch of ice, opens her eyes on a tropical beach, and meets the eyes of a beautiful… merman?… she’s positive she’s dreaming. Or suffering the world’s best concussion. But as long as she’s hallucinating, she might as well enjoy it. And this dream lays it on… thick. What woman wouldn’t feel sexy under the heated gazes of not one, but four men who worship her like a goddess?

These men are as magical as the world they live in. Yet this world isn’t perfect. A strange sickness is sweeping through the people, and when Annie discovers a magical ability of her own that can help, it attracts the wrong kind of attention.

Suddenly Annie’s dream isn’t just reality, it’s a nightmare — and the four men who love her will sacrifice everything to save her from an ancient evil that wants her dead.”

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Category: Paranormal Romance