Kingdom of Spades

by Violet Hart

Are you looking for an exciting read full of romance and adventures?

Do you want to join the main character as he wins and loses both in love and poker in Las Vegas?

If that’s the case, this is the romance novel you need!

Alex never shied away from hard work. When he was offered the chance of a lifetime, to train to be a professional poker player, it came with one caveat…stay away from the one woman who holds his heart.

As he navigates his way through high stakes game, he realizes the hardest thing to deal with is not the cards, it’s the love he can’t deny for the one woman he can’t have…

From big games to big loves, every girl he met left a mark on his heart, but he was looking for THE ONE. When she appeared, Alex couldn’t be happier, but in life like in poker, you win some, lose some…

Will Alex be able to get his one true love back? Will she be there for him and stand by his side, forever? Keep reading…

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Category: Contemporary Romance