King of Air

by D.N. Hoxa

Being stuck in a time loop sucks, especially when I die on the same day, at the hands of the same man, over and over again.

But in Life Number Seven, I’m determined to change my fate.

To do that, I have to run away from my father, the dragon king of all shifters, and the most paranoid man I know. He and his men are near impossible to fool, but I switch places with my lady’s maid and manage to make it all the way into the woods—right before I get knocked out cold.

When I wake up, I find myself a prisoner, and my captor is the son of my father’s worst enemy. Just my luck.

Lucien Di Laurier is a cocky bastard who thinks I’m an object to be owned. It doesn’t help that he’s dangerously sexy, and can literally control the air in my lungs with a wave of his hand. He wants to get his revenge on my father for killing his, and that’s why he’s after the dragoness…never realizing that I’m right there, in his home. Thinking I’m just the maid, he vows to break me until I tell him everything he wants to know.

But things don’t go as planned for either of us. Secrets have a way of coming to light, and his just just might be worse than mine. And when we both finally learn the truth about one another, will we be able to stand together against the sickness that has plagued the world and created this time loop?

Or will I have to go back home, and wait to die for the seventh time?

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Category: Paranormal Romance