Aloha Old Flame

by Daniella Brodsky

From the author behind the film Beauty & The Briefcase, here comes Mr. Tall, Dark and Tattoo’d. . .
As if Oahu isn’t hot enough, Michael Kavanagh has decided to return to the island after ten years. The second he reappears in Emma Taylor’s life, with his chocolatey eyes and ridiculous chest, she knows she’s in trouble. Load this slow-burn second-chance romance onto your Kindle today.
*This is a full-length, standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA. The Flame Series books can be read in any order.

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Keep Calm and Perfect Your Smolder

by Daniella Brodsky

Four years ago he crushed her heart.
Now – surprise! – He turns out to be her new best friend’s boyfriend.

When my girlfriend’s best friend turns out to be my ex, the love of my life, I know the fates have aligned: I have to get her back. I have to show her that she was the path I should have chosen all those years ago.

Leaving him almost destroyed me. But the years marched on and so have I.

And yet, one glimpse in George’s eyes and I’m right back where I was. But he’s off limits. How can I betray the only true friend I’ve ever had? George wants a second chance at what might have been, but it’s too late. I’m with someone else. Someone safe. Someone who can’t break my heart.

Except the heart doesn’t ask permission, and mine has only ever wanted him. Just because I left doesn’t mean I wanted to. And now that he’s back, I can’t unlove him. I can’t resist him. Everywhere I go, he’s there. I tried to stop thinking about him; I failed.

After all these years, I find myself wondering if I can ever stop loving the man who brought my heart to life.

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Category: Contemporary Romance