by Ohad Pele Ezrahi

Tara is a young American who travels to Jerusalem, where she meets Yoni, a handsome Israeli who is a sexual shaman. Yoni take Tara on journeys of deep self revelation, using ancient rituals and sacred sexuality, which link her soul to the ancient Temple of Astarte that stood in Jerusalem before the monotheistic revolution. In a parallel story, a sexually frustrated priest of Yahweh vows to destroy Astarte’s temple and her sexual rites. An ancient sacred scroll surfaces containing orders to wipe out any form of worship other than of Yahweh. Who wrote this early tome that so deeply influenced the history of religion and of the world? How did the Love Goddess priestesses respond to attempts to destroy their path? With magical vibrations, the author weaves together ancient history and modern fiction and sweeps the reader into secret chambers where sexuality and sacredness meet in awe.

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Category: Erotic Romance