Just You & Me

by Evelyn Jeannie Hall

Billionaire investment banker Benji Torres has everything most men dream of: wealth, business savvy, and the ability to get any woman he might want. But Benji only wants one woman. Katrina Farrell, his childhood best friend…

Even if a tragedy from nine years ago made him leave her behind.

Now that they’ve been reunited, Benji yearns to tell her the secret he’s been holding onto for all this time…

He’s loved her all along.

Yet their years apart have been rough on Katrina, too, and she’s experienced some tragedies of her own… Including one so horrible it could doom their relationship forever.

Will they fess up to one another and divulge all these hard truths? Or are some wounds far too deep to ever heal?

WARNING: this story contains a nerdy guy turned hot billionaire, siblings with zero filters, foul language, and Thanksgiving quickies in guest bathrooms.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Multicultural Romance

Just This Once

by Evelyn Jeannie Hall

Billionaire one-night stand specialist Zane Morrison has a lot going for him. A superhero bod. An awesomely lucrative career. An amateur MMA championship title. And a jocular personality.

The one thing he doesn’t have? True love.

Enter Lacey Farrell. Redheaded bombshell. Free spirit. Sex goddess. And essentially, his best friend’s sister.

He’s gone there before but he’s not looking for any commitments. Yet when she offers a clandestine no-strings arrangement, he agrees.

But he finds out the hard way too much of a good thing can backfire.

Will he realize that his friend with benefits is worth more than a temporary fling, or will a much more serious situation threaten their relationship—and his life—before he gets the chance?

WARNING: This story has a heroine with no brain-to-mouth filter, dirty language, & a naughty scene involving a window & an exposed 5th story view.

$1.99 Previously $3.99