“Just” Sex

by Kristen Flowers

Love doesn’t exist. Men are complete a-holes. All they’re good for is sex.
Just Sex.
That’s my new motto.

Then I met Ethan Wood. He’s tall with chiseled good looks, enough money to buy all of New York, and he could charm any girl out of her panties.

But not me.

The moment I met him he busted my nose open so badly I needed stitches. Not exactly a charming moment in my book. I thought he left my life for good, but now he’s standing in front of me looking sexy as ever in his thousand-dollar suit.

I’m done with relationships though. But he’s still good for one thing—sex.

Just sex.

Love doesn’t exist, remember? Valentine’s Day, Cupid, Soulmates… It’s all made-up BS. But the universe wants to prove me wrong.
And now I’m starting to think, maybe love is real…

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Category: Contemporary Romance