Just Pretend

by Juliana Conners

It’s been a long time coming…

She’s never had an orgasm.
When I learn this juicy fact, I’m determined to give her her first one. Or ten….

There’s just one problem: she’s my physical therapist, in charge of getting me back into the Navy SEALs after my helicopter was shot down and I nearly died. I’m not supposed to bend her over the physical therapy barre while I pull her hair and take her from behind, my hard pecs and abs up against her back, my lips all over her neck.

So I have to hold her pretty mouth while she moans my name and screams into my hand as I make her come for her very first time.

If we’re caught, her job and my future as a SEAL will end. Unless I get down on one knee for her to make sure she can keep getting down on both of hers for me.

It’s all forbidden fun and games until someone has to propose…

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Category: Contemporary Romance