Just for the Money

by Teagan Meier

A love story with some steam, a little humor, and a twist.

Kate Bennett is unexpectedly set up on a date with her neighbor’s wealthy grandson, Nick Hughes. Neither one of them is thrilled about this date for their own reasons. Kate is hesitant about entering the dating scene again. Although she is moving forward with her life since her husband’s death two years ago, Kate hasn’t been remotely interested in men or dating. Nick is cynical about relationships and over women in general. In the past, he’s been burned by gold diggers who were only interested in his money.

Kate and Nick reluctantly agree to go on the date, which ends up being a train wreck. However, despite a rough start, Kate and Nick are drawn to each other. Their relationship is getting serious until Nick finds out that Kate may not be dating him for love, but just for the money.

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Category: Romantic Comedy