Jericho and Nuala

by Lorraine Margaret

Deep in the undiscovered forests of Urquaid, the Tinka women live in secret, haunted by their traumatic past. The youngest Tinka, Nuala, has heard stories of man’s barbarity all her life, and fears and despises them all.
When a muscular warrior bursts into the forest, Nuala takes him captive and vows to keep her people safe. Horrified by her attraction to her arrogant prisoner, she is soon fighting to resist his brutish sexual charm.
Jericho is the revered leader of the Ajaxo, Urquaid’s dominant tribe. Humiliated by his capture, his fury and resentment darken his desire for his tempting little jailer.
Jericho and Nuala forge a volatile, uneasy bond, simmering with tenderness and lust but fraught with festering mistrust and hatred. Their relationship is combustible and dangerous until, one fateful day, their positions are reversed and the captive becomes the captor…

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Category: Fantasy Romance