by LoLo Paige

I take the moral high road…most of the time.

Righting wrongs where no justice exists.
I do it efficiently as I do in all things. In life. In death. And in love.

My sniper dot targets the red-hot bookshop owner as the one. He’s the one, all right…the one that steals what no one else can…my heart.

He lies. He cheats. He steals.

And so do I. We’re the perfect match. Only trust isn’t part of the equation.

But when an assassin faces a life-or-death choice…love doesn’t stand a chance.
Dive into an elite assassin organization dedicated to leveling the score…one kill at a time.

Men. Sex. Sin. We do things our way—by breaking the rules.

We are the Sisters of Sin. A new thriller romance series you’ll die for.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance