by Rinelle Grey

She was meant for the dragon prince. Jayrian wasn’t supposed to fall for her.

Librarian Gretchen’s life is ordinary and boring, and she longs for adventure outside her books. When the hot man who’s been hanging around the library asks for her help, she jumps at the chance. But when a dragon lands on the front of her car, she realises she might have bitten off more than she can chew.

Dragon shifter Jayrian has a problem—he needs to wake the sleeping dragon prince, save his clan, and end three hundred years of defeat at the hands of their enemies. But he can’t do it alone. Only a human can get past the rival dragon guarding the prince’s chamber unnoticed. The sweet and clever librarian, Gretchen, is the perfect candidate to slip in and wake the prince and bond with him.

But can Jayrian make the ultimate sacrifice for his clan, and give up the woman he’s falling in love with?

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Category: Paranormal Romance