Jane of Air

by Jessica Penot

All Jane wants is to live a normal life. But nothing is normal at Thornfield Hall.

Jane Marsh has spent her entire life hiding. Hiding under bulky clothing. Hiding behind glasses. Hiding behind books. Abandoned at a hospital emergency room at the age of four with her name written on her forehead in black Sharpie and a mysterious tattoo of a door on her back, Jane grew up in foster care in the small town of Gateshead, Massachusetts. She learned early on that keeping her head down and pretending to be normal was the only way to survive.

Now, at the age of sixteen, Jane is looking forward to a fresh start. Hard work and many late study nights earned her early graduation from high school and a full scholarship to a small, but prestigious college in Huntington, Virginia. Even better, her best friend Helen—her only friend actually—is going too. Older by two years, the beautiful and off-beat Helen is the only person from high school who broke through Jane’s shyness and made her feel accepted. As the two girls embark on their new adventure, Jane is feeling hopeful about her future. But with limited resources and no family to help her, Jane takes a job as a live-in companion to a wealthy old woman who lives near the college. She grows to care for the elderly Miss Adele and the kindly housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax. Jane also falls in love with her new home, the magnificent Thornfield Hall, even though everyone, including Helen, says it’s haunted. Helen begs Jane to leave and move in with her and her boyfriend in town, but Jane refuses. Jane feels at home at Thornfield and its massive library. For a book nerd like Jane, Thornfield is like her very own Gryffindor House.

When Adele’s grandson, Edward Rochester comes home for a visit from Yale, Jane can’t help but be drawn to the brooding, good-looking young man. As tentative friendship blooms between them, Jane believes that maybe, just maybe, she can have a normal life. Maybe even a boyfriend. But then one night Jane begins to hear ghostly whispers that lure her into the dark corners of Thornfield. Wicked whispers about Edward and his past. As the ghosts continue to haunt Jane, her tattoo begins to transform and spread across her back. Soon, Jane fears that Helen was right, something evil does lurk at Thornfield. But is the evil in Edward or in Thornfield itself?

Jane of Air is the first book in the Tattooed Girl Series, by Amazon bestselling author, Jessica Penot. A dark and compelling new series about an orphaned young woman in her first year of college who begins to discover her true identity and inner strength as she falls for a broken and mysterious young man.

Jane of Air is a teen and young adult YA paranormal series inspired by the beloved classic gothic novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Jane of Fire

by Jessica Penot

Jane Marsh knows it. She senses it. But she can’t leave. She loves Thornfield, she loves her first year at Huntington College and her new friends. And she’s falling in love with Edward Rochester, Miss Adele’s grandson, and heir to Thornfield.

But strange things are happening at Thornfield. Scary things that Jane can’t explain. Her best friend Helen, warned her. But it’s too late, Jane is so attached to Thornfield and to Edward, that she could never even think of leaving. Could she?

Growing up without parents, without a family, all Jane has ever wanted is to belong. To feel wanted. To be part of a family.

But Jane has a terrible feeling building inside her. Nothing is as it seems at Thornfield. And everything in her life could be ripped out from under her if she’s not careful.

Jane of Fire is Book 2 in the teen and young adult paranormal series by Jessica Penot.

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