James Eyre: Girl Disguised As Boy Romance

by Morticia Bell

Being the new student at Thornfield Private School for the rich and spoiled isn’t easy. Especially, when you’re a girl pretending to be a boy.

By night I’m Jane Eyre, a popstar sensation. By day I’m James Eyre, the friendless loser schoolboy. It can’t get more complicated, right? It’s not like I’ll be partnered up for an English project with Silver Rochester, the arrogant football captain. My drop-dead gorgeous crush. It’s not like he will think it’s his job to get me some popularity and a girlfriend. Set me up on dates with other girls. Bump into me at a party when I’m Jane Eyre. Chase me. Because he’s fallen in love with me.


Looks like I’m playing his guy roommate and his first love. So here I am now, juggling a double life, just hoping I can make it out of college with my heart unbroken.

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Category: Contemporary Romance