Jagged Line Paradise

by Brynn Ford

I was broken before our love story could begin. A brutal and horrifying event ten years ago ripped us apart. It halted our transition from best friends to lovers before our romance could develop, and in the aftermath, Andrés left me behind.

The loss of him shattered me.

Worse than the pain of him leaving is the way he’s coming back. I’ve barely spoken to him in a decade, and now he’s barging back into my life, demanding that I relive the trauma of my past for his documentary.

I hate him for leaving and I hate him more for returning.

Still, his presence does something to me, the same way it used to when we were just a couple of dirt poor teenagers in this small town. I’m drawn to him and the way he wants me.

And though he makes me furious, I think I want him, too.

But he says he’s dangerous and that I should stay away from him.
How am I supposed to do that if he won’t leave me alone?
I don’t really want him to leave me alone…

In our past, he destroyed me, but I fear he’ll ruin me now.

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Category: Erotic Romance