Jacob: Big, Sexy, Alphas of Wildwood County

by Khloe Summers


As sheriff, I’m trained to notice details.

So, when Evie Jackson rear-ends me at a stop light, I notice her long auburn hair, her full lips, and every single curve.

I don’t usually let myself get involved with women. They always want more emotion than I can handle.

But when Evie finds herself desperate for reprieve, I can’t help but step in.

Either I’m losing my mind, or Evie’s curves have put me under a spell.


It’s okay to love a body search, right?

I thought hitting the sheriffs car would be the worst thing that happened to me all year.

Turns out, Sherriff Terrin is tall, sexy, and has a soft spot for a hot mess like me.

Did he really just tell my overbearing mother that he’s my boyfriend, then ask her to leave?

I may just love him!

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Category: Erotic Romance