Irresistible Beauty (Desiring my Boss Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

There’s nothing more romantic than Fantasizing about your Boss.

Unknown Beauty and Attractiveness

Peril was a young, beautiful and brilliant student lawyer who came to the City to do her law articles. She led a simple life and her first job was in a small law firm that was not promising and could not even pay her a decent salary. She lived at the mercy of friends who also had expectations from her.

Everything changed when a bigger law firm appointed her. They changed everything about her, from her clothes, her looks and her apartment. When they were done with her, she looked like she walked out of a magazine, her beauty turned heads and she felt it

Exploring the unknown

Peril, as beautiful and flawless as she was, she had never explored her sexuality to the fullest. She was a shy, sexy, scorching flame that invited the sinful to indulge in their sexual pleasures by mere looking at her. She allowed herself to explore and adventure into the unknown, but will she be able to go back to the innocent girl she was? She found herself bound by her passion that would take her beyond her limits to the sweet, sharp edge of desires…

Obsessed with YOU

From the moment she first saw the Boss, who treated her like a little princess. Peril realized that he had something in him that she needed. Something she couldn’t resist. She needed him as surely as she needed her heart to beat.

No one ever made her feel like that.

Driven by her desires and sexuality, she was determined to get into the Boss’s pants. She was prepared to defy all the odds. Will she risk it all?

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