Invitation to Magic

by Lotta Smith

What if Prince Charming isn’t the gentleman everybody thinks he is?

Countess Melanie de Fontaine’s life has changed. Her mother is missing, her father passed away, and now Melanie is alone with her faux-mother and faux-sisters. She’s hanging tough even though she is treated like a servant, doing the house chores and keeping herself busy.

But she can’t take it anymore.

When the invitation to the Royal Dance of the Year arrives, her faux-mother shoves it in her face, knowing full well that Melanie doesn’t have an appropriate dress or the means to get to the palace.

All is not lost, though. An apprentice wizard arrives and dresses Melanie to the nines, then sends her to the palace where she encounters a stunningly charming gentleman. Is this handsome, elegant gentleman who he seems to be? Or could he have wicked intentions?

$2.99 Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy Romance