Innocence Lost (Secrets & Scandals Book 1)

by Tiffany Green

As the kidnapper plots…
Lady Megan has a secret. From her first glimpse of the Duke of Claremont’s portrait, her heart has yearned for the impossible. The duke is none other than her brother’s most hated enemy. But a chance meeting with the insufferable man has Megan none too pleased. In fact, the duke could ruin her, that is, if he ever were to learn her true identity.

As the kidnapper closes in…
Then her parents go missing, their burned carriage found nearby. Megan is desperate for answers, but learns nothing. With her brother away at sea, she has little chance of finding them on her own. As influenza ravishes the area, her only option left is to travel to London and seek help from the very man who holds her fate in the palm of his hand. And just as the duke restores her trust and sneaks back into her heart, her brother returns.

As the kidnapper strikes…
Being held for ransom is bad enough, but Megan realizes her life rests with the two men she loves most, the two enemies who must now work together to save her from a madman and his surprising accomplices. Will the duke and her brother set aside their animosity and arrive in time? Or will she be swept overboard to her death?

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Category: Historical Romance