by Gladys Cross

My tormentor held me prisoner, and Charlie Hunt was the key.

Charlie was the temptation I couldn’t afford. He thought he could protect me from the darkness and depravity that stalked me, but no one could.

My tormentor had taken his pound of flesh. Methodically ripped me apart until all that remained were fractured pieces of the naive girl I had once been. There was only one thing left to take, and when he came back, I feared my life wouldn’t be the only one forfeit.

That was the problem with the temptation of sin. Once you went down that path, all that was left was desire. And God help me, I wanted Charlie Hunt more than I wanted my next breath. It was a safe bet my tormentor could arrange that.

* This is a stand-alone dark contemporary romance that features an anti-hero, strong heroine, possessive themes, and prior domestic violence.

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Category: Gothic Romance