Incubus Bonded

by A. H. Lee

Mal is a summoned incubus, trapped on the mortal plane by Azrael’s magic. When Jessica helps to free him, they spend months abroad, enjoying other people and each other. However, they’re tired of traveling, and they both miss Azrael more than they expected.

When the sorcerer shows up on their doorstep, they’re excited to see him. However, Azrael hasn’t come on a social call. He needs Mal’s magic for a difficult task. Mal isn’t willing to wear Azrael’s collar again for free, no matter how he feels about him. Mal’s price: “You. No wards. Anything I want.”

Jessica has misgivings. A night together could be bliss…or it could be a disaster. As they work together to build a magical gate, dodging hostile wizards and fairies, can Mal and Jessica gain Azrael’s fragile trust and find their way into his heart?

Book 2 of the Incubus Series can be enjoyed alone. Book 1 is 99 cents.

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Category: Fantasy Romance