In Hate With My Boss

by Lexi Calder

There are three things I know about Owen Bennett:

He’s worth billions.
He’s smoking hot.
He’s a total asshole.

Oh, and he’s my new boss. Which, I guess is technically four things. But who’s counting? Not Owen. Because all he can do is stare at my chest and make rude comments. He’s unprofessional, lazy, and the single most infuriatingly sexy man I’ve ever met in my life. That’s a thing, right? Hating him and wanting to end up in his bed all at the same time? Which can not happen. He’s my boss for one. And two, I hate him, did I say that already?

Either way, I’ve got 90 days to impress him enough to keep my job or find something new. The problem is, that I’m not great at keeping my mouth shut. And also, I think my libido might be stronger than my willpower.

Send help. And chocolate. And please for the love of everything talk me out of going home with my boss.

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Category: Romantic Comedy