In Deep

by Hannah Haze

One Omega, four Alphas, their pact…

I may be an Omega, but that won’t stop me making my own way in life. I’ve fought for my place at this elite college despite my background, my designation, and a family who thinks I can’t make it on my own. I’m determined I won’t end up as a play thing for some Alpha.

But when I catch the eye of The Crew — rich, entitled, and insanely hot – I’m slowly seduced by a new world of pleasure and passion. A world I never knew existed.

Soon, I’m the toy for a whole pack of Alphas.

All but one.

And in this pack it’s all for one, and one for all. That’s the pact. If he doesn’t want me, I can never be theirs.

And I’m beginning to realise that being theirs is exactly what I want.

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Category: Paranormal Romance