In Bed with the Devil: A Billionaire Second Chance Romance

by Tia Siren

She loved me once. She hates me now. I’ll make her mine again with my devilish charms.

A gorgeous model is lying on a bed in a luxury furniture store.
I’m drawn to her curvy silhouette under the sheets.
Our eyes meet and I’m lost for words.
I want to do something crazy.
Lie down next to her – and kiss those lips that were once mine.
But it’s clear she still hates my guts.
Blames me for whatever my family did so long ago.
This sh*t has to stop.
I’m going to make her mine again.
Take her to heaven and back.
Love her like an angel.
But she thinks I’m the devil.
So first, I’ll get her right where I want her… in my bed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance