Impulsive: A Small Town Romance

by Alie Garnett

The wedding is starting,

Everything is perfect,

Too bad the bride is going to miss it.

Natalie Beckett’s over planned wedding is falling apart, or maybe she is. Minutes before it’s set to start, her gut tells her she can’t. There are too many missing pieces. Least of all her love of the groom. Out the window into the pouring rain, she rushes across the muddy parking lot right into the arms of her former high school teacher, sexy Sam Sullivan.

Sam didn’t want to go to a wedding, or maybe it was this particular wedding. Which is why he is late and the one catching the rain soaked bride in the church parking lot. Not knowing what to do with her, he takes her home. She is his best friend’s daughter and needs someone. He was going to be that someone.

With a vexed groom and only a small town to hide in, Natalie needs out of Landstad. It’s a perfect time to meet the woman who gave her up for adoption. But she can’t do it alone, and after some shameless begging Sam agrees to go with her.

Suddenly she finds herself having feelings for Sam only days after she was supposed to marry another man. Can she trust her emotions now, when they have steered her wrong so many times. Will their shared past get in the way of a future together?

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Category: Contemporary Romance