Immortal Maestro

by Charli B. Rose

Vince was a musical genius & my new guardian. But as far as I was concerned, he was an incredibly sexy, but completely infuriating, immortal a-hole. I was counting the days until I’d be free of him, even if his guidance did make my music better & his rare smiles made my heart leap. Having a crush on the vampire who was my guardian was all kinds of wrong. Right?

Nova was a complication I didn’t need & a total brat. Why her parents made me her guardian, I’ll never understand. She was a musical prodigy squandering her gift. I was determined to hone her skills, even as she tempted me to cross all my boundaries. I’d been protecting her from the dangers of my life for years. Now, they were knocking on her door, and I may be the biggest danger of all. Because she didn’t want me to just be her guardian & teacher, she wanted me to be her maestro in every way.

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Category: Paranormal Romance