Immortal Illusion

by Alexa Whitewolf


I’ve lived so long in the shadows, can you blame me for not giving a rat’s ass about humanity any longer? This lost village in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains is our latest hideout, lest the enemies of our royal bloodline find us again. And by us, I mean me and my five equally psychotic siblings—except, really, two of them are sweet as angels.

Anyway. Da, we’re vampiri. And not the sparkle and vegetarian kind, either. The last thing we should do is attract attention and risk exposing ourselves. But when my sister falls mysteriously ill, the only person who can help her out is the old healer in town. And when he turns up dead? That leaves me with his way-too-stubborn and modern daughter. Very human daughter, with plenty of questions and an attitude to go with them.

Wringing her neck is out of the question. Falling for her? Even more so.

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Category: Paranormal Romance