Immoral Society: Books One to Book Three

by Catherine Hudson

One woman. Two men.

Meeting one night at a ball in the Upper Assembly Rooms have Anne Sheldon and Charles Carroll finally met their match? Instantly she captivates him, and never has he met a woman quite like her. Too, she is fascinated by him and instinctively Anne wants to get to know Charles.

In that one moment Charles is under Anne’s spell, but not only does Anne desire the alluring Charles but many others do too. Popular with the women, Anne has competition on her hands

Then there is the devilishly handsome and fascinating Henry Worthing, who has caught many a woman’s eye but will he catch the eye of the one woman he wants? Desperately wants.

Immoral Society is a dramatic 18th century series that follows the turbulent life of Anne, her family and friends.

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Category: Historical Romance