I Hate You, Move In: An Enemies to Lovers Accidental Roommate Romance

by Jamie Knight

I can’t stand him.
But I want him to take my virginity.

It’s my freshman year in college and I’m elated to get away from my old-fashioned parents.
However, my upstairs neighbor from back home is now living in the dorm down the hall.
I’ve hated Seth since I was six, he’s boring, annoying and a womanizer,
But also, so hot, with his black hair, deep brown eyes, and fit body.
All we do is fight.
Until I kiss him, just to piss off my parents and then want more.
I try to put my first time behind me and forget the feel of Seth’s strong hands on my body.
But then we both lose our dorm rooms and are forced to share a one room apartment.
Can we go from enemies with benefits to roommates without killing each other?
Or are we becoming something even more?

Everyone tells me that it’s fate and Seth and I are meant to be.
But how can that be true, when all we do is fight and f*#k?

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Category: Contemporary Romance