“I do” Solely To Mr. CEO, Single Dad, Captain Of My Heart

by Serenity Raine

“Cheyenne Doe. It’s lovely to meet you,” I say, extending a hand toward him for a shake. Butterflies erupt in my stomach when he takes my one hand in both of his, turning it to drop a kiss on the palm of my hand. His beard scratches across the sensitive skin.
“Cheyenne Doe, I’m your future husband, Blake Michaels.”
His voice is deep and resonant, sending shivers up my spine. He was hot from a distance, but up close he’s downright distracting. I can’t help but wonder how that stubble that tickled my palm would feel against my inner thighs. I shake my head a little, trying to clear away the image. I’m already prone to being tongue-tied; erotic fantasies about the person I’m speaking to certainly won’t help the conversation flow.

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Category: Contemporary Romance