I am Jael

by Laraba Kendig

Georgiana Darcy finds the courage to seek justice against an evil man and brings needed change to her family and friends. How will they find their happily ever afters?

After her traumatic experience at Ramsgate, Georgiana Darcy finds strength and inspiration in the story of Jael, a warrior woman of the Bible. Determined to protect her fellow women from the depredations of George Wickham, she descends on Meryton and Netherfield with righteous determination to see the man pay for his crimes.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is bewildered by his young sister’s resolve to stop Wickham from harming other women. With some reluctance, he joins with his sister and cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam to bring Wickham to justice.

Elizabeth Bennet, initially charmed by the handsome George Wickham, is shocked to discover that the man has a dark past. When she discovers the truth, she is determined to assist in ensuring that the handsome and silver tongued military man does not harm those around her.

Elizabeth and Darcy find themselves strongly attracted to one another, though Elizabeth questions whether the wealthy owner of Pemberley is willing to set aside his pride to wed a woman whose sometimes vulgar family has ties to trade.

In the end, Georgiana’s courage brings much needed change in the lives of the Bennets, the Bingleys, the de Bourghs, and Mr. George Wickham himself.

This is a low angst, clean, sweet Regency romance.

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Category: Historical Romance