by Ashley Black

I will open my legs for Ben Drake, but not my heart…
The problem is this. When you have hated a person as long as I have. It is easier to hate than to love…

Ben is staring at me dazedly with those intense blue eyes, black star tattoo twinkling.
“You’re on the edge. Let me finish you off,” he invites with a cheeky smile.
“I play bass, so let me strum you with my tongue darlin and take you over.”

Ben Drake, gorgeous cheeky rock star was careless and broke formidable beautiful Death Priestess, Lily Grim’s heart.
Ben comes back into her life seeking something Lily stole from him.
After he stole EVERYTHING from her!
Sparks fly as their reunion sweeps them up in a dark, chaotic, kinky erotic storm of mayhem.
When Ben and Lily’s lives are thrown into turmoil by a hideous evil that wants to OWN them, will Lily be able to save the man she is coming to love with all her dead, withered heart? A man who makes her feel warm and ALIVE again?
Even if that means the lives of her beloved family and those she fought so hard to protect are thrown into jeopardy?
Is this sexy, cocky rock star worth ALL the trouble?

Her hatred damned him
Will her love be enough to save him?

A HOT erotic, supernatural thriller – I AM DESPERATE will have you panting in DESPERATION for more of Ben and Lily – these two are SMOKING HOT!

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Category: Erotica