Husband in Chains – Caught in the Act

by Glynn Hardwick

Dragan Bojanic is a paleontologist who is running out of grant money. His wife, Katrina, is a beautiful woman with whom Dragan is madly in love. When she learns of their impending money problems, she has an idea, to begin an interactive on-line sex site. Once she begins, she is surprised at the positive reaction she gets from men eager to play.

Dragan has one expedition left before he is out of funds. When he comes home early one day, and discovers his wife exposed to the hungry eyes of a horny patron, he questions everything he believes about his wife and their marriage.

A three-week expedition is a long time to think. Is the marriage between Dragan and Katrina strong enough to withstand a jealous man’s feelings of betrayal and a woman’s pain of being accused of infidelity?

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Category: BDSM

Husband in Chains – Spankalicious

by Glynn Hardwick

Dragan Bojanic has deep, dark desires – to be a sex slave, have his buttocks whipped, and to be penetrated. Having confessed this to his wife, Dragan and Katrina Bojanic are about to take things to a whole new level. Can their marriage survive if Dragan’s fantasies are fulfilled publicly and for profit? Can Katrina watch other women use her man as a sex toy? And can Dragan stay the same loving husband when his backside is a product to be sold and bought by dozens of horny, angry women? It’s a slippery slope for sure. Hold on for one hell of a ride.

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