How to Seduce a Rockstar

by Arabella Quinn

Grab your backstage pass and prepare to be rocked by this sizzling rockstar romance!


My life is getting boring. Predictable. I need to shake things up a bit, so my roommate helps me come up with a plan to seduce my boyfriend and spice things up a bit. The plan? It’s a big success. Everything goes down without a hitch. Except for one teeny tiny thing. The most important thing. Yep, it’s a disaster—a beautiful one, though—that flips my life upside down.

Boring and predictable are the least of my worries now.


I’ve got a million reasons to steer clear of Talia Bennett, the girl who accidentally stumbles into my chaotic life. Aside from my crazy rock and roll lifestyle and the thousands of miles between us, she’s got a boyfriend. Talia’s all about settling down, but I’m allergic to commitment. So why the hell do I keep ignoring reason?

When it comes to Talia, I just can’t resist.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

How to Tempt a Rockstar

by Arabella Quinn

Get ready to toss your panties on stage — it’s gonna get wild!


I live my life in a haze of booze, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll. I have it all — fame, fortune, and an endless parade of women at my beck and call. So the day a tiny bundle shows up at my door, oh baby! my life changes overnight. My carefree existence is shattered and I’m catapulted into unchartered territory.

Only one person can help me, but she’s always been off-limits — my best friend’s little sister. When temptation and the forbidden collide, I know I should resist, but the dangerous embrace of sin and pleasure is too strong to ignore. Surrender has never tasted sweeter, but as the forbidden lures me into its intoxicating embrace, the consequences threaten to destroy everything.

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