How To Rope A Wild Cowboy

by Anya Summers

Emmett is a confirmed bachelor. He enjoys dominating women but he loves his freedom, his friends, his horse, and wrangling cattle—and doesn’t see why he should ever give any of that up for one single person…

Until he falls off his horse one day and comes face to face with the new, prim and proper town doctor. The alpha cowboy finds himself wanting nothing more than to ruffle her cool demeanor, but she’s wound up so tight, he can’t see her ever being able to submit to him. He leaves her office convincing himself that he’s not really interested.

But when she makes an unexpected house call, Emmett grabs his second chance and makes her an offer: he will be a willing, perfect patient in exchange for a single kiss.

He thought he was in trouble before but after feeling her lips beneath his, every dominant part of his being thunders: MINE.

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Category: Erotic Romance