How to Rescue a Billionaire

by Katharine Sadler

Logan Genetti wants to be the best nurse he can be, upcycle furniture, and have the kind of peace he never had as a kid.

The woman he’s just saved from an oversized plant should have him looking for the nearest escape hatch, but there’s something about her that won’t allow him to walk away.

Genevieve Beckstone prides herself on being independent. She built a billion-dollar corporation from the ground up and she rules every board room she steps into. When Logan Genetti finds her hiding behind a plant, accidentally high on pot brownies, she’s wearing a skin-tight dress her baby sister picked out and warning him to hide from the feds.

Not her best moment.

Logan has the warmest smile she’s ever seen and a hard body she wants to wrap herself around, but he thinks she’s got a drug problem and wants nothing to do with her. Sure, he rescues her from a plant, but he’s not looking at her with anything like romance in his eyes.

Except Logan keeps coming to her rescue and when he suggests a business proposition, she can come up with no way to refuse. Allowing Logan to be her fake date means exposing him to her dysfunctional, wild family, but turning him down means shoving him out of her life and that’s something she’s not sure she can do.

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Category: Contemporary Romance