House of Ydril

by Lyra Forger

When I woke up today, I didn’t expect to be kidnapped to the famous Grimm Academy and forced to spend time with a vampire prince.

Quinn is a fighter.

Growing up bouncing from foster home to foster home will do that to you.

When she finds out she’s not actually human, but fae, she knows her old life is a thing of the past. Kidnapped to the prestigious Grimm Academy, she has no choice but to settle into the world of the Originals – vampires, shifters and faes.

And if that weren’t enough, Quinn is selected to participate in the annual Trials – an exploit that has killed many students before her. Trying to balance her efforts to discover her past, and the challenges of this new world, Quinn is forced to spend time with her high-school celebrity crush, the vampire prince Andreas Faust himself.

But there are dark forces at work that are looking to sew destruction, and a mystery that is begging to be solved.

And to make it even harder for Quinn, the handsome prince she used to have a crush on is an entitled asshole who seems to have it in for her.

If you enjoyed Shannon Mayer and Sarah J. Maas, you will find this book unputdownable.

“It’s like Harry Potter for women who like their books spicy!”

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Category: Fantasy Romance