House of Lycan

by Lyra Forger

Rhea has big plans for her life.

Top of her class at Grimm Academy, a go-getter with a budding journalist career.

But her plans get derailed when she realizes she is being stalked. And if that weren’t enough, the man stalking her is a deranged killer that has just escaped an inescapable prison.

He is Synn Iarro, the Broken Fae, and she is just a shifter that can’t shift.

Against her grandmother’s wishes, Rhea starts investigating the fugitive, and she finds out this case is more than she ever bargained for.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, a mystery that is begging to be solved, Rhea needs to dive deep into her own past to make sense of her future.

And to make it even harder for Rhea, the Broken Fae is a real handful to deal with. But then again, there is something so enticing about him.

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Category: Fantasy Romance