Hot for Me

by Tam Derudder Jackson

A pop diva, all sass and scandal, Cristy Valor commands headlines wherever she goes. The tabloids love to hate her. Her voice rolls over me, commanding all my attention. When she joins Balefire on our tour, she sashays across the stage in wild costumes and parties hard enough to keep up with the band. She drives me crazy—and I love it.
For the first time in my life, I want all of her. But she’s hiding something from me. She’s about to find out that I’m a patient man—and I always get what I want.
Adam Tron is for tall, dark, and sexy. Flirting with him is a rush but it’s nothing compared sharing his bed. The problem is, sex isn’t all he wants.
For my whole career, I’ve teased the tabloids, so they won’t look into my past and discover a secret that could end the party. Adam Tron could wreck me if he uncovers the truth. If he knows about my darkest demons, will he still be hot for me?

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Category: Contemporary Romance