Hostage Heart

by Regina Wolfe

Elsbeth wants nothing more than to help run her father’s dukedom—until his castle is torched and she’s seized as the invading king’s personal spoil.

As Leodegrance’s desire for Elsbeth deepens, he vows to make her his consort even as he marches to unite a wild Britain.

If Elsbeth can’t find her tangled way to forgiveness with the king—or escape the dark designs and perverse desires of Uther Pendragon, enemy to them both—then a legend of Camelot may never be conceived, never be born, and never change history forever…

“A fascinating account of early Britain, a gripping tale of lust, love and the horrors of ancient warfare. Beautifully written, filled with myriad period details and compelling characters, it takes you deep into the heart of a brutal era—and into the nature of feminine honor, feminine courage. I was enthralled.” ~ JENNIFER BLAKE, NY Times Bestselling Author

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Category: Historical Romance