Hook: Book One Of The Karmaeleon Trilogy

by Stella Knights

To ensnare and catch.
To entice and captivate.
To bait and entangle.
In other words, my job.
Not the job I wanted to have, but I learned from a young age that sometimes one has to do some dirty work to achieve their goals.
I’ve become a predator, just like these men. It’s the only way to reach those that exist in an untouchable world.
Nothing can get in my way of dealing karmic justice. Not even love.

The Karmaeleon Trilogy is a psychological, suspenseful romance that will keep you guessing right to the last page. There’s no escaping the truth of this story. People may try to hide, but as the heroine of this story knows, you can’t run from the facts forever. And in typical Stella Knights fashion, there are plenty of button-popping steamy scenes for the bisexual heroine as she takes on those who don’t see her coming.

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Category: LGBT Romance