Holiday Daddy

by Kelly Myers

Did I just drool over my single dad boss?
I think I did…

Eric is bad, bad news.
Not because he’s a billionaire.
And definitely not because he doesn’t know what to do with his late sister’s kid who is now his responsibility.
He’s bad news because he doesn’t believe in love.

A woman from his past is to blame for creating this Grinch-like businessman.
And now I have to pay the price for that as his nanny.
Being his employee and sleeping with him comes at a huge risk.
I can’t afford to lose my job.
Yes, our age difference bothers me.
Along with his cold heart, and no desire to have children.
So imagine my shock when I find out that he is going to become a father…and my baby daddy.
Eric may be my exact opposite, but he’s the only one that lights me up.

The question is… will he open his heart to me, or will he break mine so I’m never able to love again?

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Category: Contemporary Romance